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Our Philosophy

How We Think About Trading 

We are an agile firm that believes technology gives us an edge in investing. Our team strives to build unique tools that allow us to understand and exploit the opportunities we discover. We tune our proprietary trading system for efficient monitoring and execution of fund strategies. We believe our AUM size and breadth of strategies allows us to move nimbly.

Our Approach to Risk Management

Firms don’t last for nearly two decades without a strong emphasis on risk management. We believe our size allows us to know our investments better and deeper than larger firms. Our philosophy is simple - we prefer strategies with acceptable risks and asymmetric upside potential, and we actively manage our fund to control volatility and preserve capital.

Our Compliance Philosophy 

We have been committed to the highest legal and ethical standards since we opened our doors in 2002. We strive to make decisions that allow us to build long-term relationships with our investors. 

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