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About Armatus.

Since our inception, Armatus Capital Management has focused on building steady, strategic, risk-adjusted returns.

Our Approach to Research and Investing 

We intend to maximize returns while embracing an acceptable level of risk. We seek to accomplish this by dividing our capital among multiple arbitrage strategies across global markets, seeking to exploit inefficiencies in particular markets and asset classes. 


We search broadly to identify securities that are mispriced or have other characteristics that make them potentially attractive candidates for investment and then try to understand why this market opportunity exists. Once we are satisfied through our research and modeling that this is a genuine opportunity, we invest. 

Our Leadership.

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Derrick Bilderbeek

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Founder, CEO

Derrick has more than 25 years of investing experience. He earned a Master of Science degree in Econometrics and Economics from Erasmus University in the Netherlands. Derrick then began his career at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell. While there, he programmed models for convertible bonds and long-term options which he utilized in trading. 

He joined the Minneapolis-based hedge fund Deephaven in 1997, trading convertible instruments, holding company structures, and ADRs. In 2000, Derrick became a partner at Raven Trading Partners, a start-up hedge fund in Minneapolis, where he focused on ADRs. In 2002, he founded Armatus.

Brian Schilmoeller

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Chief Information Officer

Brian joined Armatus in 2003 as a consultant, developing the firm’s proprietary trading platform. He became Chief Technology Officer in 2009 and has served as Chief Information Officer since 2022.  

Brian manages operations related to the development and implementation of technology, software systems, and strategies. Brian holds a B.A. in Computer Science from Carleton College (2003) and a Master of Computer Science from the University of Minnesota (2005). 

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